PMWorks Photography


At PMWorks Photography we specialize in capturing images that talk for themselves. We are not here to tell you what you need to do but offer support to either develop your vision Capture your special moment. We are looking to exceed your expectations and capture that moment. 

Commercial work is targeted to working with you on location to meet your goals for the assignment. We look at what the subject is and how best to capture the scene, interior, surface, etc... that you need. We do not just arrive and take images for the shoot. Working closely with you we will find out what is needed, when is the best time to capture the images and what the are the logistics to capture the subject.

Portrait and Wedding work is generated with the premise that you will not know we are there. We are only directing images that were pre-arranged to capture people a little more formally. Having the posed images are just as important as capturing that moment of that no one sees. It may also be that one defining images that everyone remembers for the rest of their life.


"Portraits of people such as you see in the New York parks and places, sitting around, without their being conscious of being photographed. … I felt that one could get a quality of being through the fact that the person did not know he was being photographed … [and I wanted to capture] these people within an environment which they themselves had chosen to be in, or were in anyway." Photographer Paul Strand, 1890-1976.

My philosophy, if you capture a image of a person who does not know of your presences, you will get the true person. Images need to capture a moment not a perception of a moment.

Commercial, Wedding and Portrait